The Los Olivos daytime number is (408) 356-0431. Our phone system has recently changed so that all calls must go through the main phone number. All other extensions no longer work. Please listen to the prompts to get to the receptionist or MA for your physician.   If it is an emergency, you may push “0” and speak with the Los Olivos operator. Voice mail messages left after hours will be returned on the next business day.  Please download our office brochure for information about the physicians or link to the physicians above at OUR DOCTORS.

Los Olivos has two locations: Drs. Reimnitz and Rosenberg are at 15195 National Avenue, Suite 207 and the other physicians are at the main office at 15151 National Avenue. The offices are adjacent and share a parking lot. Underground parking is also available at 15195 National Avenue.

The after hours emergency number is: (408) 554-2872.  Please call if you are in labor or have an emergency that cannot wait until normal business hours.  If the power to the office is out during normal office hours due to severe weather, the phones will not work. Please call the exchange at the after hours number to contact a physician.

Non-urgent appointments and questions can be sent through the MyHealth portal and will be answered promply. You can also schedule appointments by messaging the receptionist.

New patients can schedule appointments with the physician of their choice by calling or emailing the receptionist or get help by contacting Valerie at (408) 356-0431 with prompt 1,1.

Schedule appointments with the receptionist by dialing the main phone number at 408-356-0431. The prompt for established patients is 1.2 and new patients is 1.1 The receptionists are assisting all physicians so that phone calls can be answered with a shorter wait. Please listen to the prompts on the phone from the main number. You can also email

For Physicians Medical assistant:  
Phone with prompts
Elizabeth D. Basham, MD Rachel   (408) 356-0431 2.1.1
Kristine A. Borrison, MD Adriana   (408) 356-0431 2.1.2
Suzanne C. Bovone, MD Michelle   (408) 356-0431 2.1.3
Elizabeth Buescher, MD Sandra and Alexandra   (408) 356-0431 2.1.4
Sharon Buzi, MD     (408) 356-0431 2.1.2
Mary L. Imig, MD Lori and Dee   (408) 356-0431 2.1.5
Kirthi Inukonda, MD Moleka   (408) 356-0431 2
Eve Ladwig-Scott, MD Jacqueline   (408) 356-0431 2.2.1
Karen E. Kunzel, MD Karen   (408) 356-0431 2.1.6
Charlene E. Reimnitz, MD Diana and Evelyn   (408) 356-0431 2.2.2
Gordon S. Rosenberg, MD Diana and Chandra   (408) 356-0431 2.2.3
Martin S. Silverman, MD Laura   (408) 356-0431 2.2.4
Larry M. Tiglao, MD Sandra and Lizette   (408) 356-0431 2.2.5
Gerald E.Trobough, MD Marie and Maddy   (408) 356-0431 2.2.6

Refill requests: Please request them through the protal or have your pharmacy FAX them to us:

Physician FAX (408) 356-8569 Medical Record Fax (510) 731-2643
Operator Fax (408) 358-1602 STAT FAX (408) 358-3962

Frequently called Los Olivos Medical Group numbers:

Los Olivos Information
Financial counseling Celeste (669) 294-8081
Authorizations Celeste (669) 294-8081
C-section scheduling Celeste (669) 294-8081
Birthing classes   (669) 294-8151
Stanford Business Office   (888) 924-1036
Practice Manager Carolyn (669) 294-8122
Surgery Scheduling Shannon ((669) 294-8090
Billing and Insurance   (888) 924-1036  
Medical Release from LO   (510) 731-2675  
New Patient Coordinator Valerie (408) 356-0431 1.1

Frequently called Good Samaritan Hospital numbers:

 Good Samaritan Hospital:
Main Number (408) 559-2011 Labor and Delivery (408) 559-2327
Tours/birthing Classes (408) 559-BABY Lactation classes (408) 559-BABY
Health Library (408) 358-5667 Anesthesia Class (408) 559-BABY
Admissions FAX (408) 559-2675 Anesthesia Billing (408) 354-2114
Good Samaritan Breast Care Center (408) 358-8414    

Other numbers:

Obstetrix Medical Group (408) 371-7111
Stanford University (650) 725-7030    
Labcorp (408) 356-0785
Quest (800) 288-8008 #2