Medical Information

Los Olivos has divided the medical information into general categories. Many of the catagories are cross-referenced. Information can be obtained in the general classification or in the A-Z index.

Gynecology includes breast care information (self-exam, testing, breast conditions, cancer information), contraception, menopause information, sexually transmitted diseases, conditions and procedures. The CDC has a brochure on Gynecologic Cancer Information.

Pregnancy includes a copy of the Los Olivos Pregnancy Guide, office information, prenatal testing and pregnancy information. Nutrition and exercise, high risk pregnancy information, labor information, birthing class information and pediatrician information is available. Breastfeeding and newborn information is available.

Infertility includes a glossary of terms, conditions, evaluation and medication and treatment options. Services provided at Los Olivos are discribed. Planning for pregnancy recommendations and an infertility overview are available. The infertility history form can be downloaded.

Surgery information includes surgery information for patients including conditions, procedures, and consents.

Urology includes information for diagnosis and treatment of bladder conditions including incontinence, cystocele and intersititial cystitis. Urologic testing information and scheduling is available. The urodynamics questionaire can be downloaded.

Nutrition includes a calculator for body mass index as well as information regarding healthy eating habits and dietary conditins. LInks to MyPyramid and other websites are included.

General Health has links to the California State Gyn Cancer Brochure, general medical conditions, radiologic procedures, vaccination recommendations and screening test rcommendations. A copy of the California Advanced Health Care Directives can be downloaded. General medical and gynecology weblinks are available.

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